Used Pipe and Drapes for Sale Pipe Drape System
Pipe and drape are composed of uprights, bases, crossbars and fabric drapes. Uprights are manufactured from aluminum that is usually lightweight but compact-resist.Uprights and bases are connected to make the structure stand up.Bases are made from steel that keep the whole structure stable. The weight of base varies a lot ranging from 6 to 62 lbs according to real needs. Fabric drapes are usually made from flame resistant material. They are supported by crossbars which can slip into the rod pockets in the drapes. At each end of the crossbars,a hook is used of fix onto the slots of the uprights. Thus a whole structure is finished.
Product Description:
* Upright/pole (vertical):3’-5’, 4’-7’, 5’-8’, 6’-10’, 7’-12’, 8’-14’, 9’-16’, 10’-18’, 11’-20’, 12’-22’, 13’-24’, 14’-26’. (pins and screws included)
* Crossbar/?drape rod (horizontal): 2’-3’, 3’-5’, 4’-7’, 5’-8’, 6’-10’, 7’-12’, 8’-14’, 9’-16’, 11’-20’, 12’-22’, 13’-24’, 14’-26’.
* Base Plate: 450*450 mm, 500*500mm, 600*600mm (Long x Wide); 5mm, 8mm, 10mm (thickness )
*Colorful Drape: Chiffon, Velvet, Velour,Banjo, Ice Silk, Poly, etc (fullness, flame resistant, blackout effects on demand )
* Material: Aluminum for pipes; steel for base plate, fabric
*Usage: Make backdrops, room dividers, booth , wedding, party, concert, trade show, conference, studio, theater etc. different events.
Pipe and drape system are now widely employed in expo and exhibitions, sports, performance are other activities and ceremonies. Because these movable backdrops are not only easy to install are transport, but also available in different colors and sizes for various occasions. These products, in addition, can also help users save a lot of money when they have to divide a space or make certain decorations.

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