RK blue and white LED star Light curtain With Adjustable Pipe
Fantastic LED star light curtain of pipe and drape stand from RK, of RGB lights and led lights can be choose, is specially designed for the perfect concert and night party. As for a professional manufacture of performance equipment in China over 15 years, our target is to provide the best quality product and service to our customers.
RK LED star curtain with pipe and drape stand used in night party, concert decoration, night show, studio, banquet backdrop and performance activities and etc. This led star curtain project I am showing you is equipped with stable base plate of 450*450*5mm, fixed uprights and curved crossbar. Both size of the uprights and crossbar can be customized to meet all of your demand. The whole project is 10 meters wide and 4 meters high, with brightness blue and white lights on the drape, really a fancy star wall decoration for the night show occasions.
High quality raw materials to high-tech machine to serious workmanship, makes our best pipe and drape kits. Fancy led star curtain, the best choice of the outdoor and indoor night show. Simple design, stable and safe, cost saving and easy to install!
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Features and advantages:

1. Removable telescopic device (bowl): this feature is different from other company's products in this industry. What's more, once we have troubles with the bowl and tube problems, it is easy to replace a new bowl but not a ne set of the product. Both saving our time and cost ;

2. Scale identification is on the column, according to what customers can choose an accurate height of the pipe. Also the highest scale sign mind customers of their safety;

3. Customized size of the pipe to meet any demands of customers, with varies of curtain materials, flannel, mantle yarn, lamp beads curtain, bead curtain; rich and varied;

4. Conventional packing are the pearl cotton, tape and carton packaging. Usually 4-6 pipes for each box.  In addition, there are portable bags, case packaging and cart packaging to meet the different needs of customers;

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