Custom Portable Wooden Grain Dance Floor of 16ft x 16ft
Our portable dance floor is made of plywood panel, 30mm thickness, quality metal details to make the ramps. This wooden dance floor in the picture is made on the size of 16ft x 16ft, with 16pcs 4ft x4ft panels and ramps. Finish color comes in custom wooden one. The unique feature is that there is no holes on the floor finish, which makes the floors look great, it is perfect for wedding/hotel/public studio.

- Easy to install and remove
- Durable and rugged material,
- Water resistant and flame resistant
- Modular flooring panel system
- Panels connected by interlocked system
- Portable and flexible for indoor or outdoor events
- Application: events, weddings, parties, hotels, banquet centers, touring groups, schools, venues, and theater
Our wooden dance floor manufacturing capacity is 5000-6000pcs per month and our professional sales and R&D team are always ready to cooperate with business.
For further information, please feel free to email us or call us ! 

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