RK’s New Design Adjustable Aluminum Stage
Rack In The Case Ltd. is a manufacture in making all kinds of aluminum stage, most of our designers and workers have more than 10 years in making portable aluminum stage. our portable stage can meet any kinds of needs of event venues whether you are going to hold outdoor or indoor.

 Advantages of our portable aluminum stage:

1. surface waterproof, easy to clean and install;
2. load capacity is more than 850KG/m2;
3. Adjustable legs in height.

 Portable stage platform: 1M*1M/1.22M*1.22M/1.22M*2.44M...
 Stage Adjustable Legs: 0.4-0.5-0.6M...0.8-1-1.2M,...1.5-1.8-2M  
We have exported our portable stage to more than 100 countries, no matter how complex design it is, we can help you, just E-mail us at  sales@flightinthecases.com or whatsapp at +86 15118837782

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