RK weeding tent round pipe and drape kits solution

RK round pipe and drape kits solution

RK have many kinds of pipe and drape solution to meet your various requirements,such as backdrop wall,wedding tent,portable trade show booths.
The wedding tent project have normal square tent, square roof tent,circular tent and special tent.Now I mainly introduce special round kits.
For such a system,you need one 3.6m diameter round cross bar,one custom 3.6m diameter straight  crossbar,16 pcs uprights,4 base plate,each pillar of the round wedding pipe system need 4 uprights,Based on your require,the drapes system can have white,pink or other color chiffon drapes,the more gathering,the more beautiful.
No matter you are wedding planner or party rental , it will be a nice system to help you make your clients happy and make your business getting better .
Any custom size wedding round system, please feel free to contact us,our designer team will help you get what you need.
Pipe and drape system is marvelous, durable and portable, why not purchase it to decorate your romantic wedding?

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