Romantic wedding backdrops star curtain for events show

RK=RACK, it reflects the main product of Rack in the Cases Limited. RACK CASE is a major kind of flight case, and also a general term of flight cases. The moral of it, RK is going to be the pioneer of flight case in the world.

Secondary meaning:

R=RIVER, the letter"R" in the logo performances like flowing river. the moral of it, RK will shine more gloriously and have a long history.

Main products: flight case, stage, lighting truss, dance floor, various kinds of bleacher, and so on.



RK star curtain

to make your event and wedding more fantastic and Romantic:

If you are work in performance shows, tv show, catwalk show and any entertainment occupation. LED dance floor is the necessary for you . So why it has so many charming and attractive. Let’s see what feature it is including:
--Easy to set up, remove and flexible
--Top grade velour drapes, LED lamps and cable and controllers
--Widely used in Events as stage background
--Star Cloth Video can be provided
-- Light Weight and Small Volume
--Fireproof Material,Top Grade Velour/Velvet Curtain, Color Optional
-- High-end Look and Durable
-- Flexible to set up and pack up
-- Each LED can be replaceable if broken  
-- Application: Stage Background, Wedding, Bar & Club, Live Show, Theater, TV Station
CurtainRegular Sizes: 2 x 3m, 2 x 4m, 3 x  4m, 4x6m, 4x 8m, 5x10m, Flame-resistant
LED Color: White, Blue, White&Blue, RGBW, RGB, etc 
Except this, it has already been included as followings:
* The joint position is smooth,strong. beautiful and not easy ro trampled,
even without any tools.
* unique design with high precision in lay technology.
* there have different choices for the specification, application and plus materials.
welcome to processing customized order according to your sample.
* Fastness, light and handy, move freely and state of the art visual effects is
our best characteristic.(customized by customers is requirement.) 
If you are interested in our this kind of product.
Please contact us for more details such as packaging ways, shipping and other
information. Welcome to visit our company website:

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