RK Custom Drawer Flight Case on Hot Sale
RK Drawer Flight Case is kind of very portable tool case. You can take it everything as it is a movable case.
For below model, it has 6 drawers compartments for you to storage things necessity. And except these, it has following features:
*Waterproof , shockproof, fireproof
*Tool Packing, carrying tool
*Size: 2X4U, 2X3U, AND 1X2U HIGH WITH CASTER BOARD. Other customized sizes are available.
*Good quality & durable with strong flight case accessories or parts.
* Cheaper price 
Especially for our friends who works in performance shows or events, it will play an important role. If you are interested in our production, please contact us for more details such as packaging ways, shipping and other information. 
For more, welcome to RK:
Contact Celine:
Email: sales(at)chinaflightcases.com
Mobile:+86 15818789477
Skype: rksales203
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