Rugged Caster Board With 4 Casters For Effect Rack Cases
This caster board is special designed for RK's Effect Rack Cases. It makes transporting heavy / large audio systems or amplifier from one place to another more easier. All of four casters are 4" and 2 of them with locking levers .
About this flight case, it has two detachable solid covers for convenient entry and gear placement with dual rack rails. This ATA rack case (Air Transport Association) meets 300 specifications for transit cases. Its features are heavy and powerful ball corners, dual anchor rivets, recessed, chrome butterfly latches, recessed spring loaded chrome grip handles and rubber feet.
It is also equipped with a cut out handle for easy transportation and handling. Made out of 3/8"  heavy duty plywood, this rugged caster board is not easy to crack under pressure.

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