RK Smart portable stage on promotion suitable for wedding/events/party/concert
Portable stage can support you hold almost all kinds of activities, for wedding, events, party or concerts and so on. This stage is very easy use, it’s combination is also very easy, just made by risers and platform, light but very durable. Easy for carry.
2x2ft 3x3ft 4x4ft 1x1m and other custom size can provide you Countless choices, these small size can make up a big size, such as 12x12ft 16x16ft 24x24ft 32x32ft 24x32ft 40x40ft 4x8m 5x10m 10x8m 10x20m...... as long as you can provide us a size then we can give you quotation, the price it the best. If you are a agent or distributor, this promotion price can create a higher more profit for you.
RK smart portable stage platform have three kinds of material, can suitable for different events. They are Carpet finish, Industrial material and Tuffcoat finish, by the way, Industrial material platform is the most hot selling stage platform. This portable stage riser made by aluminum pipe, durable and light, easy use.
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