Newly Outdoor Stage Roof Aluminum Truss System and Space Truss Structure for Concert

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Stage is a safe, stable and easy to use portable staging system. Made from high quality aluminium components which provide strength and are lightweight for ease of use. Unique portable stage roof truss system is the correct choice for the perfect performance,  as it is the most flexible and versatile system on the market today.
Material                        6802-T6 Aluminum 
Truss Type                   Spigot Truss (compatible with global truss), Bolt Truss 
Truss Shape                  Ladder, Triange, Square, Circle 
Truss Size                    120mm*120mm,220mm*220mm,290mm*290mm,400mm*400mm,520mm*520mm,760mm*520mm 
Main Tube                   50mm*3mm
Brace Tube                 20*3mm 
Color                          Silver, Black, or customized 
Certificate                   TUV 
Features                       Spigot truss: easy to assemble and dismounting 
                                     Bolt truss: durable, lightweight, heavy loading capacity
Application                  Concert, exhibation, fashion show, auto show, venues, gig, led/speaker/ads/lighting hanging, events,ect.
As a leading company in performance equipment maunufature business, RK has been working hard on making the best quality of products. Made of high quality material and with our professional technical team and sales team, our aluminum truss absolutely covers what you need for any kind of events. 



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