Portable 2U ABS Case With Dismount-able Case Body

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ABS cases have been widely used on many aspects of our life. This rugged case features of tough hard shell and light weight, which make it portable and functional for hosting various of goods. There are different sizes and shapes of ABS flight case on sale in the market, and different styles of ABS cases are different from the internal structure and hosting space. Here we introduce our product of 2U ABS case as example.
This 2U ABS case is smaller than other models in ABS case series. It’s designed with 2U internal hosting volume and constructed with three parts in the body. The dis-mountable parts on both sides of the case make it easy and convenient to put in or take out the hosting goods. Lockable butterfly latches on the joint are mounted for the security of the hosting goods or equipment. Since this is custom made ABS case in our own factory, we can offer other new design ideas to customers if this one doesn’t suit your hosting equipment. There are ABS cases of other styles and sizes on our website, please follow us.
Now You may know how to choose a suitable ABS flight case for your hosting goods, tools, or equipment from the upper description. Since RK is one of the best professional flight case manufacturers and export suppliers in China, we offer customers products qualified certification before we arrange our shipment. Our make sure the security of our package and punctuality of shipment arrival. For more details about our flight case, please leave us your massage and contact with us directly.     

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