New Custom Designed Blue Flight Case With Two Layers And Pull

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This new custom designed flight case has two layers inside, each of which can be disassembled from the body. Latches are lockable on each layer and rugged lifting handles on both sides. This cutom case can be used for hosting equipment like mixers, digital products like laptops, or some other special tools. There are egg-crate foam set inside for protection of your hosting equipment. There is a pull out handle on one side and two caters on the other side of the case, you can take some heavy duty goods in the case and pull them easily in travel. It’s convenient. For more specifics about the size, weight, package or quoted price about this case, please contact with our sales team on the number of our website.
Since we are flight case manufacturer in China, our new designed custom flight case are made base on the requirement of our customers. We offer life-long quality guarantee to all the cases we soled. Our shipment delivery is fast and our package is security. We sincere hope we can built up a long--term business relationship with you.

* Blued painted outside looking
* Pull out handle
* Rugged interior casters
* Two layers
* Lockable latches and metal lifting handles and ball conners
* Egg-crate foam inside

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