RK upright for pipe and drape system

Ex-works Price(for reference):  US $23.82 - 62.5/ Piece
Min.Order Quantity: 10 pcs  
Delivery detail:  5-7 days for small order, 10 - 20 days for bulk order
Brand Name:  RK
Model Number:   RK-TS610
Material:   Aluminum
Usage:   Wedding,Event,Trade show,etc
Dimensions:   6' - 10' to 9' - 23'
Feature:   Adjustable,Protable
Color:  silver or black
Packing:   Shipping Carton,Flight Case
Pipe and Drape refers to pipe (aluminum material), fixed or adjustable telescoping vertical uprights supported by a weighted steel base, and adjustable telescopic or fixed horizontals that provide a drape support frame with removable drape panels.
One complete pipe and drape is composed of two uprights,one crossbar and two base plates.
Uprights, as noted, are typically aluminum tubing, fixed or telescopic, with heights from 3’ to 26’.
Fixed Uprights refer to one piece vertical pipes that cannot break down in to smaller sections or otherwise adjust in height.
Telescopic Uprights refer to two piece and three piece vertical pipes that are adjustable in height between a designated range (for example, 6 feet to 10 feet tall),allowing for more versatility if different events require varying heights.
RK Standard uprights size is 3ft,8ft and 10ft.Adjustable uprights have two-piece pipes and three-piece pipes,the shortest upright adjustable range is 3' - 5' ,The longest one even reaches 9' - 23' .No matter what size of pipe and drape you are looking for, we can custom make for you.

Hot Sale Upright Size
Two Piece Upright with 4" Pin & Scrow
RK-TS58 5' - 8' Adjustable RK-TS610 6' - 10' Adjustable
RK-TS712 7' - 12' Adjustable RK-TS814 8' - 14' Adjustable
RK-TS916 9' - 16' Adjustable RK-TS1018 10' - 18' Adjustable 
Three Piece Upright with 6" Pin & Scrow
RK-TS511 5' - 11' Adjustable RK-TS614 6' - 14' Adjustable
RK-TS717 7' - 17' Adjustable RK-TS820 8' - 20' Adjustable
RK-TS923 9' - 23' Adjustable    
RK unique slip-lock feature easily locks when pole is raised or lowered,it is replaceable and can be easily changed by only one person after broken.
The pin is placed into the uprights,prevent from losing.The material of the upright head is nickel-plated iron,it is stronger than aluminum and it is not easy to rust,so it is durable.

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