Crossbar-horizontals for pipe and drape system

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Crossbar-horizontals for pipe and drape system

Quick detail:
Ex-works Price(for reference):  US $8.87 - 23.6/ Piece
Min.Order Quantity: 10 pcs  
Delivery detail:  5-7 days for small order, 10 - 20 days for bulk order
Brand Name:  RK
Model Number:   RK-TDS610
Material:   Aluminum
Usage:   Wedding,Event,Trade show,etc
Dimensions:   2' - 3' to 9' - 16'
Feature:   Adjustable,Protable
Color:  silver or black
Packing:   Shipping Carton,Flight Case
Pipe and drape is a great way of adding colour to what would normally be a relatively plain backdrop.
Often used as trade show booths, in tents, in large banquet halls and on stage.One complete pipe and drape is composed of two uprights,one crossbar and two base plates.
The crossbars can also be fixed or telescopic. Fixed horizontal supports is 6ft,8ft and 10ft, whereas a telescopic drape support, also known as a slider, can range from 2’-3’ to 9’-16’.
RK also have Segment of a circle Crossbars and Roundness Crossbars.The diameter of roundress crossbar range from 4’ to 14’.

Hot Sale Crossbar Size
RK-FDS6FT 6ft lengths RK-FDS8FT 8ft lengths
RK-FDS10FT 10ft lengths RK-TDS58 5' - 8' TDS
RK-TDS610 6' - 10' TDS RK-TDS712 7' - 12' TDS
RK-TDS814 8' - 14' TDS RK-TDS916 9' - 16' TDS
RK-RC0606X4 6' - 6' Roundness Crossbars RK-RC0707X4 7' - 7' Roundness Crossbars
RK-RC0808X4 8' - 8' Roundness Crossbars RK-RC1010X4 10' - 10' Roundness Crossbars
Horizontal supports are held in place by small metal hooks permanently mounted to each end of the pipe. The hooks are then placed into a slot on the upright and held in place by gravity, thereby making the pipe and drape support system.

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